Exam Memes

Exam Memes :-

Exam Memes
When you don’t know the answer but don’t want to leave the paper blank.
Brains are awesome.
It works 24 hours a day from the day we are born and only stops when we are taking Exams or Fall in love.
Exam Hall
This is Saudi Examination Hall.
You get Water, Chocolate, Ice-cream, Sandwich, Napkin, and Tea during Exam.
Exam Memes
Came to find out why my son failed the exams?
So as a father I have volunteered to work with the teacher to understand certain subjects that I also failed in school.
Exam Memes
You always have a choice.
Choose kindness.
Sometimes I Listen one song and over and over again.
Because the lyric matches My current situation.
Exam Memes
Me:- Asking exam fees, travelling allowances, mock tests, internet etc.
Yes still haven’t cleared a main exam.
Exam Memes
During Exam,
I Forget Everything
Exam Memes
One week before exams,
Two days before exams,
After exams.
Exam Memes
Challenge Accepted.
Studying for the bar exam.
and only cried today.
Exam Memes
We’re up all night,
To get lucky.
When you see the question paper.
My Reaction in Exam.
Urine pressure in exam
My Reaction :-
When my exam is in the 08:30 AM
1st shift and I wake up at 05:00 AM.
GK ( General Knowledge For History Exam Book )
When you and your best friend are allotted the same examination center.
Exam Came, But All Students Chatting and playing PUB-G Game.
One does not simply,
Cram for the bar exam.
Meanwhile when i discover that we need a colored print out for MBA exam,
And i have taken a black and white print out.
When you solve Math and Your Answer is not in the options
After getting 80 marks in 1 subject,
Me:- I feeling X-Men, Magneto.
When you finally get selected in SSC.
your father reaction.

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