Best Memes

Best Memes :-

Best Memes
Teacher:- It’s time to finger paint.
The Class.
The kid named paint.
Best Memes
Cardi B says she wants to go back to school and possibly run for congress
Best Memes
If you see a person with a black and white flag for pride month Beware ! They will say it is the “Hetero Pride Flag” but it is the Really them showing their allegiance to The Brickster !
The Scourge of Lego Island, and nemesis to Pepper Roni, local pizza man!
Me on the way to my daughters school after she told me some little girls want to jump her.
Best Memes
Small part of a song you heard somewhere that caused you to ask for it’s name.
The whole song.
Best Memes
Why would i BUY a weighted blanket, when i can sleep with the weight of knowing i will never be enough.
Best Memes
What information you want ?
none, I am just donating 3 $.
I love you wikipedia.
Best Memes
When you pet a dog and the owner says, “wow he never lets strangers do that.”
Best Memes
20 year , me who never dated a girl.
12 year brother being sad after breakup
Best Memes
Paramedics when they see some idiot looking at their phone while driving.
See you in minutes.
Ice Age Baby Height,
Thanos Height.
What’s up regular sized man?
Cat :- help me please I am dying from morbid obesity.
Humans :- What a Chonkster.
When your depression is visibly showing and someone asks “Are you Ok”
“I” am just tired”.
Best Memes
Rich men in other Countries,
Rich men in my Country.
Best Memes
What are they watching ??
Best Memes
When I see couple.
Best Memes
Police:- You didn’t see the red light?
Drive:- I saw.
Police:- Then why didn’t you stop?
Driver:- I didn’t see you.
Interviewer :- Do you have any special talents?
When somebody walks in on you,
trying to save the Koalas.
Me:- When I buy car parts.
My Wife.

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